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A Simple Guide for a Cacao Ceremony

Follow this simple guide to create your very own Cacao Ceremony.

So you have heard the call from the medicine of Cacao. Perhaps you have been to your first Cacao Ceremony or you have simply seen this medicine online and decided to buy some. Firstly, Welcome ♡. We are so thrilled you have heard the call of this powerful and gentle medicine and you are here, ready to embark on a transformative journey. Secondly, if you feel resonance, we recommend reading the following articles to prepare for your Cacao Ceremony:

Begin your Ceremony

  1. Come into a heart-centred, present state connected to your breath, your body and the earth

  2. Be clear on you intention for your Cacao Ceremony

  3. Smudge yourself, make a sacred smoke offering, smudge your cacao preparation area, smudge your altar/the place you will be having your Cacao Ceremony

  4. Prepare your Cacao Medicine

  5. Make your way to your sacred space with your Cacao, ensuring you are comfortable and have available anything you may need (journal, pen, music, headphones, pillows, blankets etc.)

  6. As you sit in your sacred space, you may like to burn more sacred smoke and make another smoke offering to the space and the beings of the highest frequency that join you in that space. It is also important to connect with the Original People of the land you are on and pay your respects for their wisdom traditions and their elders, past, present and emerging.

  7. Before you begin with your medicine, again bring yourself to presence with your breath, your body and the earth, also presence with the allies who guide you and walk beside you.

  8. Calling into your space the Spirit of Cacao, asking her to join you and thanking her for being with you. Feel her essence, her gentleness and love. Receive a deep breath into your heart, program it with your love and gratitude for this medicine and breathe it into your cacao and receive your first sip. As you receive this first sip of Cacao, allow yourself to feel her making her way into your body and your energy field. Feel how supported you are.

  9. Call into your heart other things you feel grateful for, perhaps even writing them down in your journal. Following the same programming process above (and detailed here), program your cacao with your gratitude offering and receive a sip.

  10. If you work with specific guides and allies call them into the space, inviting them to work with you and thanking them for their support. If you are unsure of the beings that support you, rest assured they are there and they are patiently waiting for you to discover them more and more; simply open your heart to the beings of the highest frequency who support you to join you in your space. Allow these beings, your allies, to communicate with you. This will be different for everyone, simply trust any message or innate knowing's that land with you. Open your heart to communication and even ask direct questions. You may like to write direct questions in your journal and channel the guidance you receive. We cant convey enough how important it is to TRUST what you receive. Over time you will feel more and more comfortable with this. As you are communing with your allies, offer your prayers of gratitude into your cacao, receiving sips along the way. Also as your prayers become clear, the things you are asking for support with, breathe these prayers into your medicine and receive a sip each time.

  11. You may feel to play some music and even to move your body during your cacao ceremony. This is a truly beautiful way to work with Cacao. Allow yourself to feel your body and be present with the energies and feelings in your body as you move with the music.

  12. As you begin to close your practice it is important to thank all of the beings who joined you and to also release them from the ceremony space and call back all parts of yourself. This ensures a clean energy exchange where no one remains energetically tethered.

This whole process could take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour - it is really up to you and how detailed you would like to make it. There is no right and wrong. It is your connection and practice.

Sending you so much love and infinite blessings for your journey xxx

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