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You are Programming Your Cacao Medicine

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

From the second you begin working with your Cacao medicine, you are programming it. However you are feeling, whatever you are expressing, the thoughts you are having - it is all going straight in!! This article shares our suggestions and guidance for working with your cacao in the highest frequency to program a powerful and expansive experience with your cacao.

When we are working with plant medicines and we are choosing to receive their gifts that extend beyond any physical effect, we begin talking about energy frequencies. We are dancing in the space of the unseen.

It is commonly known and accepted within spiritual practices that energy is held within everything and energy is carried and transmitted in different frequencies.

Some things are in a high frequency, some things are in a low frequency. Some things have a light energy, some things have a dense energy. At Your Essential Being, you will never hear us speaking of energy in terms of good and bad as it is not a belief we choose to subscribe to. Through our initiation and to the Andean lineage of the Seven Rays and our shamanic work with these teachings, we believe energy to either be Sami (Quechua for light energy) and Hoocha (Quechua for heavy energy).

Your energy is speaking for you... always!!

Your energy is your unseen fingerprint which you are leaving all over everything you do, everywhere you go and everyone you interact with. As such the principles covered in this article are applicable on a far wider scale than just your cacao medicine. The fundamental principles of shamanism are based on direction, awareness and harmonisation of energy and there is a plethora of research and resources around our energy state being the driver for the manifest reality we create - we love Dr Joe Dispenza's work and also HeartMath Institute's research.

The second you begin your process of preparing your cacao for ceremony, ceremony has begun and you are working energetically with the medicine - and she is working with you!

It is super important to stay present and heart centred as you work with your cacao. If when you are making your cacao you are in a rush, the vibe of rushing will be in there. If you are feeling stressed or angry, these frequencies will be in there. If you are distracted and watching the news or scrolling your socials... well, who knows what is being programmed in!

Before you begin your cacao preparation connect to your breath, connect to your heart, connect to the earth. Clear and release yourself of low frequencies and heavy energies and bring a deep presence and reverence to the process and practice you are about to undertake. We recommend in our Ceremonial Cacao Preparation Ritual that you smudge your space where you will be preparing your cacao, as well as yourself. This Ritual post describes this process and also our article on 'Calling on the Highest Frequencies of Light with Sacred Smoke' [coming soon] describes this practice even further.

As you start to chop your cacao keep calling in the feelings of love and reverence into your heart, start calling forward your intention for this ceremony, call forward and feel your deep gratitude for this plant medicine. If at any point you become interrupted, perhaps distracted by a conversation, it is okay - step away from the process of preparing your cacao (turn off the stove if it is on) and return once you can bring your full presence back to the medicine.

Our main message here is to really draw your awareness to how POWERFUL you are as the energy being and radiant light-beam that you are!! You are in control of the show and the medicine will be as potent as you make it with your program (See Programming your Medicine with POWERFUL Prayers for deeper guidance on this).We want to also say DON'T WORRY if your cacao preparation doesn't go fully to plan as above!! If someone comes in and busts up your love party with Cacao, or if you find you were entirely distracted and not present during prep - don't add to it by stressing about it and don't rush to tip it out - it is still perfect! Your recognition, awareness, remembering and learning of this are all powerful aspects of learning to work with this medicine!! Remember to LOVE yourself and breathe extra loving prayers into your cacao, smudge it with some sacred smoke and continue your practice!

One thing we can absolutely testify to is this - following this practice closely and intently, with a heart full of love and reverence, LITERALLY makes the cacao taste better!! I kid you not - I can taste the difference between a rushed or a routine/non-present cacao prep, and a Cacao which I prepared with deep reverence, loaded full of love and prayers. I am a POWERFUL CREATOR. And so are you.

Massive love family

Amy x

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