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Black Panther Medicine Cup

Black Panther Medicine Cup

$33.00 Regular Price
$24.75Sale Price

Locally Handmade in South Australia, these special cups are made especially for your Sacred Cacao medicine.

It is a special ritual to have a medicine cup that you use only for your Cacao Ceremonies. The potent energy of your prayers are captured and infused into your sacred cup! 

The 'Black Panther' cup carries a strong, masculine energy!! A dark, matte stone grey finish with hand-crafted markings. The impression markings on each cup are completely unique - Some are lines, some are notches - trust that the perfect pattern will make its way to you. 


These cups are dishwasher safe and it is advised that you do not place them in the microwave. You can, however it will shorten the life of the cup. 

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