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Programming your Medicine with POWERFUL Prayers

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Just like your whole life, our Cacao Ceremony is no different - YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROGRAMMING IT. Daunting or empowering?? Well that is all up to the perspective that you choose to take. In this article we share how we program our cacao medicine with our most powerful prayers for a truly transformative experience.

Before this article even proceeds, it is important for me to mention my beautiful and profound teach, Maestra Jemmita from Anchoring the Light. Jem has been and continues to be the most profound mentor and sister in my journey or deep healing and remembering in this lifetime. In future posts I will share more of my journey with Jemma and the profound teachings from the Lineage of the Seven Rays which I am so honoured to carry and share with you all and especially those who work with me in ceremony.

With all of my love, thank you Jemma. You helped me to remember how to pray. You have guided me into the deepest remembering of why I came here in this life and it is such an honour to be able to share this with others and empower them to remember they too are the creators of their life. I am forever grateful. I love you x


"You are responsible for programming your own Medicine"

This is how I open ALL cacao ceremonies!! Even when I am the one holding the space and facilitating the ceremony, 90% of the programming is up to the individual. As I prepare the medicine before ceremony I do program some prayers for the whole group, yet each individual is really the only one who knows what the want, need and desire in their life. So of course, your own at-home ceremony is no different!

The word 'Prayer'

When I first started working with this medicine in this way with Prayer, I had some beliefs programmed in my subconscious about the word 'prayer' which came from some conditioning from Christianity. I believed that prayers were flippant requests and even desperate pleas for saviour to a God who assessed the worth and merit of actioning said requests based on whether the requester had been bad or good - kinda like Santa!! Wow-o-wow have I done some healing around this belief and now have a much different relationship to both Christianity and the word 'prayer'. I am sharing this here because I know this is a common belief (and other beliefs around the word prayer). If you feel any resistance to the word prayer, I encourage you to be curious with that and understand your own personal program for the linguistic that is the word 'prayer'.

I am refraining from offering the word 'intention' as a substitute for the word prayer, because it is honestly not a strong enough replacement for the essence of prayer. Your prayers are your crystalline intentions, laced with abundant and reverent gratitude, held deeply in your heart and sent out as an offering to your guides and simultaneously clear requests for support with ABSOLUTE belief that this or something better will be so.

Using your Breath

Firstly, your breath is so sacred. Each inhale sustains your life, each exhale shares your essence. You receive breath (air) to keep you alive, yet you do not own it - it is a gift. Each time you exhale, you contribute your gift back to the world for the trees and plants to breathe. With each breath you receive. With each breath you give. Ayni. (More on Ayni in a later post.) You are transforming energy simply with your breath. With our awareness and presence we literally have the capacity to program each breath with the essence of love, with the gift of giving and receiving.

When you are programming your cacao with your breath, you literally breathe your prayers into your cacao medicine. As you connect to your prayer, receive a deep breath into your heart and feel yourself encoding this breath with your sacred prayer, then release this breath directly into your cacao with your heart and your knowing that you are energetically programming your medicine with the frequency of your prayers and then receive a sip. As you receive a sip, know that your prayers have been received too.

You can repeat this over and over, with every single one of your prayers and every single feeling of gratitude.

Why do we Pray?

Prayers are both for giving our love and receiving infinite love through asking for support. Yes asking. We actually get to ASK for support from our allies, guides and from Spirit (God/Universe/Source/whatever your preference is). The thing is, you are so divinely supported and yes to an extent you are being guided and helped without asking, but what happens when you OPEN YOUR HEART PORTAL and let your light team IN and ASK for help, is a truly profound experience. What you are doing in this moment is BECOMING OPEN TO RECEIVING. So often we don't receive, not because we are unworthy (like our saboteur would have us believe), not because the world is conspiring against us, not because we are unlucky... but because we haven't opened ourselves to be supported. We block the magic. A huge part of the block is our attempt to control the way we are helped.

We always pray "this or something better". And with that, we are saying, "This is what I want/need/desire, AND with an open heart and with full trust of the Creator, I am in your hands and I trust you to lead me where I am meant to go. Thank you."

THIS is a powerful prayer!

Perhaps the most powerful and important prayer of all is a truly genuine and heartfelt "Thank you". We can breathe our deepest love and gratitude to the beings and allies (seen and unseen, known and unknown, named and unnamed) who support us constantly into our cacao as an acknowledgement and offering in return of their service to us. Again, this is Ayni (Sacred Reciprocity), when we give we receive and when we receive we must also give. As Jemma always says, "Nothing goes one way".

In summary - It is YOU who is programming your Cacao for a powerful Ceremony!

Without our presence, intention and prayers our Cacao Ceremonies and practice are barely touching the sides of their true potential in expanding our self-awareness, guiding our self-acceptance and supporting our self-responsibility. We are powerful creators, co-creating our lives with our Highest Self and Spirit. And working in this powerful way with your allies and the medicine of Cacao is a sure fire way to welcome more support into your field.

Massive love and infinite prayers to you xxx

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