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The 3 Most Important Aspects of your Cacao Ceremony

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We have put together this article to guide you to create your own powerful Cacao Ceremonies. As with everything we offer here, please receive what resonates with your heart and pass anything that doesn't. The most important thing is that your ceremony feels right for YOU! We love to hear about your ceremonies and help you with any guidance we can, so please tag us on Instagram @youressentialbeingcacao and please feel free to email us via the contact form at any time with questions!

The most important aspect of your ceremony is your presence, your intention and your prayers. We have created a separate article specifically about Programming your Medicine with POWERFUL Prayers as it is a really important aspect on its own, so definitely have a read of that too!


There is a reason our Medicine Cups don't have take-away lids like lots of 'keep cups' - we don't believe the plant medicine of Ceremonial Cacao is best consumed on the run! Give yourself a chance at working with this medicine as a spiritual ally and allow space for a sacred container to be formed for your communion with her.

When you hear the call or feel the desire to have a Cacao Ceremony, honour this call by creating an environment that you can be really present in.

This means creating a timeslot without interruptions (where possible, but we have a post coming for busy mummy's!), putting your phone away, turning the TV off, whatever it is that could pull at your presence - create an environment where these distractions wont intrude on your sacred time and space with Cacao.

Utilise the power of your breath before and during your ceremony. Your breath is a really powerful ally to guide you to your inner world. Close your eyes, bring your awareness towards your breath. Begin to follow its path, past the tip of your nose, down the back of your throat and into your chest and belly. As you exhale, following the path back out as you allow your body to relax slightly, more and more with each exhale. When you come into presence, you start to come into a space of Heart Coherence.


Why are you having a Cacao Ceremony? Before you even make your cacao, become clear on your intention for having this medicine. Maybe you are asking your allies and guides for help and guidance, or you are going to have a big journaling session, or you are going to move into an ecstatic dance practice and you want to deepen your connection to your physical body. Perhaps you are simply feeling your tender heart and you are looking for emotional support. Whatever the reason is, be clear and write this into your prayer program. You cant just drink this chocolate drink and expect miracles, you have to do your part too and let the Spirit of the Medicine and your whole team of light, know what you need!


"You are responsible for programming your own Medicine"

This is how I open ALL cacao ceremonies!! Even when I am the one holding the space and facilitating the ceremony, 90% of the programming is up to the individual. As I prepare the medicine before ceremony I do program some prayers for the whole group, yet each individual is really the only one who knows what the want, need and desire in their life. So of course, your own at-home ceremony is no different!

In our post Programming your Medicine with POWERFUL Prayers we discuss the word 'prayer' and describe the way in which we program the medicine with our breath. Prayers are both for giving our love and receiving infinite love through asking for support. Yes asking. We actually get to ASK for support from our allies, guides and from Spirit (God/Universe/Source/whatever your preference is). The thing is, you are so divinely supported and yes to an extent you are being guided and helped without asking, but what happens when you OPEN YOUR HEART PORTAL and let your light team IN and ASK for help, is a truly profound experience. What you are doing in this moment is BECOMING OPEN TO RECEIVING. So often we don't receive, not because we are unworthy (like our saboteur would have us believe), not because the world is conspiring against us, not because we are unlucky... but because we haven't opened ourselves to be supported. We block the magic. A huge part of the block is our attempt to control the way we are helped.

We always pray "this or something better". And with that, we are saying, "This is what I want/need/desire, AND with an open heart and with full trust of the Creator, I am in your hands and I trust you to lead me where I am meant to go. Thank you."

THIS is a powerful prayer!

Ceremony Ideas

Your ceremony may include simply sitting at your altar and praying/connecting with your allies, feeling and receiving their guidance. If you prefer a more structured space, you may like to do some journaling, perhaps even Highest Self channelling journaling, or journaling what you are receiving from your guides - as you receive it - this is a great way to park the conscious mind from interfering (We have some posts and even guided processes coming on this soon!!). Perhaps you sit with your cacao medicine and your altar, before listening to a recorded meditation, and then you open the pages of your journal to see what is ready to move through you onto the paper.

Many people love to mooove when they have the medicine of cacao moving through their body so it is common to pair dance with cacao (hence the influx of ecstatic dance + cacao ceremonies. We invite you to still be present to a strong intention, i.e. to connect more with your physical body, to shift emotion trapped in your body, to raise your frequency through the expression of joy and liberation - maybe all of the above!! Bringing your awareness to your intention is sure to set you up for a powerful and transformative experience - awareness first, transformation second.

You may like to work with the medicine of Cacao to dive into a creative portal, either creation simply for the sake of creation and expression, or perhaps to birth a new business or allow a new program/design/branding/piece of music to move through you into the world!

Really the options are ENDLESS!!

We are always adding to our library of resources to support you on your journey as you explore your relationship with Cacao and how she can ally you. Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to be notified as they are released! Here is a great place to start - A Simple Guide for a Cacao Ceremony.

In our absolute honest truth - there is NO ONE WAY!! It is what FEELS perfect for you. With your presence, your intention and your prayers all deeply rooted in your HEART, you really cant go wrong, it's simply not possible. Anything that comes from the truest essence of your heart, is simply perfect.

With all our love and blessings xxx

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