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Perfecting your monthly Cacao subscription

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

We hear you wondering: "What's the perfect amount of Cacao for me to receive on my monthly subscription??" We see you perfecting it - lots of people move up or down in bag size until they find what is jusssst right for them! We're here to help >>>

So you LOVE Ceremonial Cacao, you have heard the call of this plant medicine to ally you in your journey of connection to your heart, you want to be a part of our free monthly ceremony community and now you just need to work out how much Cacao to subscribe for! We have created this as a guide to help you decide what's right for you!

We offer monthly subscriptions for 250g, 500g or 1kg delivered routinely to your door! There's great loyalty perks when you subscribe with Your Essential Being Cacao. you get:

  • 15% off your Cacao

  • FREE ethically sourced Palo Santo

  • A FREE MONTHLY online cacao ceremony

It is truly the best way to receive your cacao and also receive support in journeying with cacao!

So how much Cacao do you use per cup?

So our suggested guideline is 50g of ceremonial cacao is a 'Ceremonial Dose' and a creative dose is between 20-40g. 50g of cacao to about 170ml of water will make a nice thick and creamy cacao. the less cacao to water ratio will obviously thin the consistency, but one trick if you like thick cacao but you don't want it too strong, is to add some extra cacao butter (the white stuff - check your health food store) and also blending your cacao will make it thicker too.

In saying all of this, we really strongly encourage our community to be less consumed and concerned with the "dose size" and more present to and aware of the potency of your prayers you are programming your medicine with. So you are the only judge of 'how much' is right for you - some people LOVE it super thick and others prefer it more mild - both are perfect.

How many cups per week?

This is entirely up to you. I have gone through periods where I am drinking 50g per serve daily! We believe the thing to be aware of here is your adrenals, the same as you should be with any stimulant consumption like coffee, tea, matcha etc.

We believe in working with Ceremonial Cacao as a ceremonial connection ally and spiritual tool first and foremost. We also LOVE to add a scoop of Cacao to our froth chai too (recipe coming soon, get on our mailing list to receive it!) as well as the odd addition of cacao to any baking feats. So what we are saying here, is use it how you feel called too AND keep your reverence to this medicine as a sacred plant spirit ally - otherwise its kinda just expensive chocolate!

We have been down the road of getting in the habit of having a daily cacao, but not actually diving into the deeper work available with this medicine. Again, this is perfectly okay, but be aware of your own process and shadows, and also what called you to this medicine in the first place!

Okay here we go...

250g per month

250g per month is for people who have one 'ceremonial dose' per week - perhaps you have a sacred, dedicated slice of time weekly for you to drop in and connect with yourself and spirit. Maybe it is Saturday morning and each Saturday you can schedule some alone time, you light your free palo santo, clearing your space and calling in your allies as you prepare your cacao, you do some journaling and commune with the Oracle Cards and one week you join the free Your Essential Being monthly ceremony. 250g per month is perfect for the once-a-week drop-in gal!

It is also perfect for those who enjoy smaller doses more frequently, or sharing a ceremony with a friend now and then!

500g per month

500g per month seems to be the goldilocks sweet spot for most of our customers. People tend to upgrade from 250g finding its not enough, and downsize from 1kg if they aren't keeping up!

500g per month is perfect for you if you create sacred space and commune with cacao 2-3 times per week (for larger doses 40-50g) or 4-5 times per week if you are having smaller doses. It is also perfect if you know you will absolutely be making a few cups for some friends during the month! Honestly, there isn't much that tops sharing cacao and intentions with friends!

"500g is of Cacao is a great amount for me because I don't drink cacao daily, but I do have a regular communion with Her. I sit with Cacao at least 2 or 3 times a week, and I love that I can always rely on having it on hand and I don't have to think about ordering. I started my subscription with 250g but worked out it wasn't quite enough. It was easy to increase my subscription when I needed to." – Charlotte, YEB monthly subscriber

1kg per month

1kg per month is for you if you have a deep ceremony almost daily OR there are two of you in the house using the cacao!! Maybe you have a sacred cacao practice with your beloved, or you and your room mate split the subscription!? The 1kg subscription does come as 2x 500g bags, so it is easy to share.

1kg is also great if you add cacao to lots of things too, our chai, your baking, your trail mix!

You can always change your mind...

If you find your subscription isn't enough, or is too much, you can easily change your amount. All you have to do is contact us and we will step you through the process. It will involve you starting the new subscription and then we will cancel the former subscription on your behalf straight away.

Your usage may fluctuate

You may find that your usage fluctuates, sometimes you use more, sometimes you use less. You may build up a little in reserve, and you may have a month where you are hanging for the delivery to arrive. We have found the 500g is the best solution for this, it enables you to build up a little reserve in a month where you don't use as much without ending up with a huge stockpile. the 250g can go so quickly if you are having a cycle of being called to more sacred time.

See you in Ceremony soon, Beauty x

Join as a subscriber now, and we will see you within the month in a Sacred Ceremony together!

You will receive notifications about the ceremony dates, access links etc via the email address you use to subscribe. Ceremonies will tend to be towards the end of the month and access will be provided to those with a current and paid subscription.

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